Thursday, May 26, 2016

Billy Hill Here, on Ab-Normal Town

So, Billy Hill lives in a place called Normal Town, which is just an "area" within Athens Georgia.  Actually Billy Hill kinda lives on the edge of Normal Town and the edge of Cobbham (a historic district in Athens).  Normal Town is not really an "official" area but rather, just a self-proclaimed area that takes its name from the recently closed down Naval Supply School.  Now, Billy Hill believes you should be and let be and being critical of something really does not accomplish anything.  And so, rather than rag on the "Normal Town" crowd, Billy Hill is just going to talk about his observations.

You see, there is a nice little quaint bar in Normal Town, actually several of them but this one bar has a good bourbon selection.  And so, Billy Hill likes to pop in there from time to time.  Of course, Billy Hill wears shoes, smells like he took a shower in the last two weeks, has clothes that match and are not substantially wrinkled and has a job that is not funded by tax payer money and so, he never really quite fits in at a Normal Town bar.  In fact, he sort of stands out like a living soul at a Walking Dead party.  So, he just quietly sits at the bar and enjoys his bourbon in solitude, which suits him just fine, otherwise he would have to be listening to some government indoctrinated zombie talk about the wonders of Hillary or Bernie.  That right there will ruin a good bourbon.

So anyway, as Billy Hill sat in this one particular bar last night waiting on a friend, two very obviously Normal Town Walkers (See the Walking Dead for that reference) of the some-what female persuasion come strolling into the bar.  Each of them has a dog with them.  Not a lap dog mind you, but very large dogs.  Billy Hill found this somewhat alarming and he immediately changed his mind about ordering a pizza to eat there on site.  But this was not the most alarming thing.  The most alarming part was when one of them, smiled in a way that she thought was cute, and held up a plastic baggie obviously filled with dog crap, and asked the bar tender if she could put it in a trash can.  Then she handed this bag of dog crap, across the bar to the bar tender who then put it in a garbage can behind the bar.

That is when Billy Hill decided that he has had his fill of Normal Town and instead of turning left off his front porch, he will forever more turn right and head down town.  You see, Normal Town proudly declares that they are NOT NORMAL.  Well folks, I am here to tell you that THAT is not "not normal".  That my friends is ABNORMAL.  You actually (a) took your dogs to a bar where people eat food (b) you actually let you dog crap in the vicinity of said bar (c) you then picked up the dog crap and thought it was smart to walk right by outside garbage cans and dumpsters and bring said dog crap INTO the bar and then (d) declared out loud for all to see in hear that you had done so and then asked someone else to handle the stupidity of the mess that you created.

Billy Hill would not be surprised to see this scene in Normal Town some day (sans the lovely landscape).  Really, what is the matter with people?

Billy Hill here, I like it neat (and in a dog crap free zone)