Friday, September 16, 2016

Billy Hill Badassery Award 7 - Mipso

So, Mipso becomes the first ever band to obtain a Billy Hill Badassery Award.  If you have not heard and/or seen these guys (and Billy Hill means "guys" in the Chicago style non-gender way of speaking as in "use guys") you are totally missing out.  If you ever needed to be convinced that SOMETHING good could ever come out of UNC, well these guys will do it for you.

A friend of Billy Hill's turned him on to MIPSO several months back by sending a link to what has become one of Billy Hill's favorite songs - A Couple Acres Greener.  Click on the picture description below to check it out, like Billy Hill, you will probably be sold on these guys before they finish the first course.
 Mipso: Music in the Lobby
Music in the Lobby: Mipso

Now, Billy Hill snuck out of the office yesterday at 2:45 and headed up to Greer SC to see Mipso at the Spinning Jenny venue.  It was a great night with mixed reviews by Billy Hill and Billy Hill just wanted to talk about it and to give recognition to this awesome group. 

Looking on line, it was not clear if the show at Spinning Jenny started at 7:00 or 8:00 but, after eating a just OK a steak at Rivera's there in Greer (note they had a very limited selection of Bourbon but the menu was decent, just did not like the sweet sauce they put on my steak) Billy Hill strolled over the the Spinning Jenny venue at 6:45 to find an empty parking lot and a sign on the door saying they would open at 7:00.  So, Billy Hill strolled around the park and a graveyard for a bit then headed back to the venue.

A few folks, including Mipso were bouncing around inside what was a very neat looking venue.  Billy Hill got the great privilege to talk with Joseph Terrel before the show.  Great young man and Billy Hill had to take the opportunity to ask Joseph about the lady in the green shirt that appears in the hallway of the above-presented picture and video.  Billy Hill was glad to learn the Joseph was as confused about what in the heck she was doing there as Billy Hill was.  I guess it was a total video bomb and well, there is your 15 minutes of fame ma'am.  Oh, and while we are on the subject Billy Hill talking with Joseph, thanks for opening with "A couple Acres Greener" but did we not have an agreement before the show that you were going to play "Captain's Daughter"?  I know we did not shake on it but I certainly thought we had a meeting of the minds :)

Right before the show, Joseph walked by and said "I hope you enjoy the show".  Of course Billy Hill said "I know I will" but, that was before . . . .

You see, as usual, Mipso knocked the top off it with their great sound, performance, great balance of adding a personal touch between songs and played a few of their new songs that will be coming up on a future CD release.  And Joseph comes out rocking on an electric guitar! In addition, Libby as always was exuding that certain .... je ne sais quoi.  You just have to go see them in concert and see it for your self.  When asked when that CD would be released, Joseph said "that's a good question".  The new songs demonstrated that they are certainly not a one hit wonder group but rather, they have a deep well of great products.

But this Spinning Jenny venue, a little disappointing.  Not in the venue per se, it was rather cool with a great history but, the acoustics were not all that great and their bourbon selection was nonexistent. And kudos to who ever did the mixing for Mipso, they did a great job on balancing it all out and keeping the over modulations to a minimum.  But the big problem with the venue was the peeps.  You see, once the show started, most of the folks stood up and went to stand in front of the stage.  Billy Hill has no problem with that and if he wasn't so dang lazy, he would have done the same.  However, what these yahoos then proceeded to do was talk, at loud volume, the entire show.  Now, if you want to talk and listen to music in the background, go to a bar.  But Billy Hill believes that when you go to a "concert venue" you should just shut the hell up and listen cause nobody drove 2 hours to hear your cackling laugh while you are talking to your friend.  Ok, enough said.

Joseph, Jacob, Wood and Libby, hats off to you.  Every time I see you, you certainly leave my life "a couple acres greener".  And for that, Billy Hill gives you the Billy Hill Badassery award.  Looking forward to seeing you in Asheville in November and I am telling you world, if you do not go and see these guys you are missing out.

Billy Hill here, I like it neat