Monday, April 4, 2016

Billy Hill Here, at the Beach

Yep, Billy Hill grabbed the spring-offs and headed to the beach, Panama City FL?  It was great, wonderful weather, ran into a friend he had not seen for 15 years and loved the view from his porch ocean side.  But, Billy Hill made a few observations:

(1) Ladies, Billy Hill thinks you are all beautiful but, remember, bathing suits come in all shapes and sizes and there is one that will flatter you, you are encouraged to find it.

(2) No ma'am your kid is NOT cute, wearing a diaper in the pool, and yes I see you smiling at me looking for that 'ah your kid is cute' look.  It is not coming, just like I would not say it was cute that your kid is urinating and defecating on my children, because it is and it ain't cute.  B A B Y pool!

(3) Apparently there is a rather large difference between peeing in the ocean and peeing into the ocean, just cause Billy Hill chose not to swim on this particular day, he felt this discovery was quite discriminatory.

(4) Hey muscle bound dude on the juice, don't be showing attitude about getting splashed by kids in the lazy river.  First of all you are floating around in poop and pee, so what is wrong with getting wet.  Secondly, your in the lazy river with 50 kids.  And why worry about water in your face, I'd be more concerned about what is splashing into your beer.

(5) Rich old over tanned people and homeless people, hard to tell the difference on the beach.

(6) While the beach is great, it is always good to be back home on his own front porch and fav bullet glass.

So, Bibber, this post is for you, always classy and always a joy to be around and, 15 years was like it was just a weekend picking up where we left of the Friday before.  Here's to unlikely but awesome  coincidences.