Friday, March 25, 2016

Charge Like a Marine

A lot of crap rolls around in this life of ours and a good snort of a good bourbon can only take you so far .  Quite frankly, if you start relying upon that good snort to get you through you may need to talk to old Billy Hill because a good snort of bourbon is to be enjoyed and appreciated, not clung to as a crutch to help numb your pain or sorrow.  When you start doing that you start getting into dangerous territory.  But Billy Hill digresses . . . .

Sometimes when things pile up you just need to hunker down, put your nose to the grind stone and just get it done one step at a time.  A good friend, yes my father-in-law, had a story that goes like this:

A young child had a project assigned for school.  The child was to go through a wide variety of birds, draw a picture of each bird and write a short description about the bird.  The child procrastinated and procrastinated until the evening of the last day before the project was due.  And sitting at the kitchen table, the child was in tears and overwhelmed by the insurmountable task that was before the child.  When asked what was wrong, the child replied "I just can't do it, there is too much, too many birds, I can't do it".  The child's parent said "yes you can, you just have to sit there and do one bird at a time".
Cause sometimes this life gets overwhelming.  Sometimes it seams you have no way out.  Sometimes you feel like you are alone on the beach frozen in your tracks as you watch a tsunami coming to engulf you.  Sometimes you get so gripped with fear that you just want to curl up on a ball and hide.  I am sure that our friends in Belgium felt that way recently.

But Billy Hill wants to encourage you, especially here in this Easter season.  There ain't nothing in this world worth giving up for.  And I mean nothing.  No hurt, no sorrow, no sickness, no loss.  I mean, if you are a Bible believing person, the story is already written for you as far as this world is concerned, it is ashes to ashes, dust to dust.  You come in the same way you go out, naked and empty handed.  M. Ward has a great line in his song Blake's view:

Birth is just a chorus, death is just a verse
In the great song of spring that the mockingbirds sing
We come and we go, a-weeping and a-wailing
Our heads in the hands of the nurse

So the worse thing this world can do to you is take your life but, again, if you are a Bible believing type of person, then as Paul said, to live is Christ but to die is gain.

But the one thing we don't do is we never give up.  Our life is not something we give, it is something that has to be taken.  You are irreplaceable.  No one can fill the hole that you leave behind.  You may think you are alone, unloved and unwanted but that is a bullshit lie.  If you are surrounded by people that don't show you love and appreciation, get away from them and find the folks that do love you and appreciate you and hang out with them.  People often ask Billy Hill why he always carries a gun.  His reply is simple "I am not going to be found curled up in a ball in a movie theater or church or anywhere else while some crazy ass lunatic or radical Islamic moron guns everyone down, no, if I am going to go out it will be while charging such a moron and sticking the barrel of my gun in his or her gut and pulling the trigger until it goes click click click"

And that is how we need to live our life friends.  Yes, some times you need to hunker down and just "do one bird at a time" but at other times, when the enemy is closing in around you, when you feel dark, surrounded and destruction seems inevitable, you just need to jump out of that fox hole, raise your gun in the air and start shooting everything as you run full speed at the enemy and screaming at the top of your lungs "not me, not today and not now damnit!!"  Yes, sometimes you just need to charge like a marine.  And that my friend, makes you a bad-ass.

Billy Hill here, I like it neat