Thursday, March 10, 2016

Woodford Reserve Releases in June 2016

Something to watch for because it sounds interesting.  Woodford Reserve distillery has two releases coming out in June of this year.  One is a Toasted Oak Rye which is a rye finished in new heavily toasted barrels at 86.4 proof.  But the more interesting one is the Master's Duet which is also a rye but it is finished in used Pinot Noir barrels, again at 86.4 proof.  Both should be fairly mild but looking forward to the nuances of the Master's Duet.  The only bummer is that they are gift shop releases and so, a trip to Versaille KY is required.  However, they may ship if you order over the telephone.  Woodford Reserve Distillery

Billy Hill here, I like it neat