Thursday, March 10, 2016

Why Billy Hill Loves Kentucky: Reasons 1-6 - Justified

Billy Hill was "sitting 'round drink'n with the rest of the guys, 6 rounds bought, Billy bought 5, Billy Hill had spent the groceries and half the rent" when someone mentions something about Justified season 7 coming out.  It was an EF Hutton moment.  Billy Hill just 'bout pee'd himself with excitement.  But it turns out, they were a-lyin.  Ain't no such thing happening and it ain't right to be talk'n outa school like whoever that was that said it.  Course, Billy Hill is more of a bruiser than a browser so maybe there is something on the internet-thingy that would confirm this rumor as true but Billy Hill ain't found it.

Anyway, Justified was the definition of crime shows in which Timothy Olyphant portrays Raylan Givens who is loosely based on the live of Billy Hill.  Raylan Givens is a tough (just like Billy Hill) U.S. Marshal (Billy Hill just forgot to mail in his application or he woulda been one) enforcing his own brand of justice (yep) in his hometown of Harlan Kentucky (well it is a bit east of Paducah but they had to change some things).

If you have never watched the show, you can catch in on NetFlix, all 6 seasons.  I think that the series probably did more for boosting the bourbon industry in Kentucky than any other single event, well other than ending prohibition.  And so, Justified, Timothy Olyphant and Walter Goggins (Boyd Crowder) is Billy Hill's first 6 reasons for for loving Kentucky - one for each season.  It would be nice to be reasons 1-7 but alas FX, what is your deal?

Billy Hill here, I like it neat