Thursday, March 24, 2016

Billy Hill Goes Theatrical

Some days, some seasons, some lives just suck.  But  hopefully you have hope.  Billy Hill has a friend, one of those damn good friends, stick by your side friends, call him at 3:00am friends, not get mad when you are way way late for breakfast friends and always always has your back kind of friends.  And on top of it, Billy Hill's friend is a bad-ass himself, probably the baddest bad-ass Billy Hill has ever met but Billy Hill can't give him the Billy Hill Badassery award because he is such a bad-ass well, enough said.  

But this guy is not just a friend to Billy Hill, not just like a brother, but he is also a hero of Billy Hill.  Not like a Marvel Super Hero, just a plain old ordinary unsung hero.  

Well, Billy Hill's buddy got like the triple crown and crap just landing on his head this week.  Billy wished he could fix it for his friend but all Billy Hill can do is hunker down and walk through it with him.  But, Billy Hill has been having some rough days himself and was feeling all, as Mega Mind would say, mel-LAWN-collie.  And so he waxed a little poetic and bastardized a classic broadway show tune for his own amusement and maybe for the amusement of his buddy.  

Hang tough friend of Billy Hill, I can't walk it for you but I sure as hell can walk it with you.  

These are a Few of my Least Favorite Things

Raindrops on weekends and all indoor kittens
Copper's lights flashing and liberal sit-ins
All gifts that come to me laden with strings
These are a few of my least favorite things

Mork from Ork dying, and Cokey my good friend
Families crumbling, and tears that have no end
Saying goodbye to my kids Tuesday morn
These are a few of the things I abhor.

People around when you want to be alone
No one around when your lonely and forlorn
Friendships vanishing, then feeling the sting
This kind of crap makes me throw heavy things

Cause it just bites, when your sinking
and you think life blows
And each day you add on to your least favorite things
But at least there are musical theater shows.  

Yes, Billy Hill thinks there is nothing like a good grape vine and jazz step along with 4 part harmony to help get through the dark days.  

Billy Hill here, I like it neat