Thursday, March 17, 2016

Billy Hill Badassery Award 3 - Nickie Black

Nickie Black gets a double Billy Hill Badassery Award.  Nickie is a huntress for hobby but not just your ordinary huntress, more of an exotic game huntress.  Her hobby lead her to a South African safari where her hobby inspired a great business opportunity.  She learned that two of her kills on that safari, a spring buck and a blesbok were only going to be used for the meat and shoulder mounts. Realizing that the skins were going to be tossed, she asked the guide to save the back skins and she would put them to use.  Well, she launch a new business Atriarch Leather.  She found a source for the exotic back skins and also began to gather up the poisonous snakes around her home county and harvesting those skins as well.  She is on the call list for folks in the county when a snake gets kilt, she is called to come get it and harvest the skin.  She has launched several high-end products through this business and they are pretty awesome.  Check out her website by clicking on the above-provided link.  She has recently launched an awesome product for the golfing man as well.

And so, for a guy that won't get much closer to a snake than a good Taurus Judge long barrel loaded with 410 shell shot away, harvesting snakes is considered worthy of badassery.  And then, turning your hobby into an great business opportunity gets Nickie the double badassary award.  And in case your wondering what in the world is a blesbok . . . . it is the one on the right, the one on the left is the Billy Hill Badassery Award recipient that the blesboks fear.

Billy Hill here, I like it neat.