Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Bourbon Review: Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

It was late Thursday night a week ago that Billy Hill discovered this jewel of a bourbon.  After attending a board meeting in town, Billy swung by and picked up a friend and headed out to the local awesomeness of Chops and Hops.  Now, with the recent law changes that allowed the sell of liquor in Oconee Country, pilot, entrepreneur and all around great guy P.L. and owner of Chops and Hops quickly stocked his bar.  Billy Hill was a bit skeptical but he stopped by anyway.  P.L. sent the bar tender straight over to have Billy Hill sample the bourbon on the shelf, which he and his friend gladly did and they had some rather good samples.  Breckenridge purportedly made from melted snow caught Billy Hill's attention.  But it was not until P.L. came over to hang out that the Woodford Reserve Double Oaked was sat on the bar.  Billy Hill has had his fair share of Woodford Reserve but, had not had the chance to take a gander at this Double Oaked rendition.

And so, step aside Bib and Tucker cause there is a new bourbon in town.  Billy Hill has been a die hard fan of Bib and Tucker (on the right) for quite awhile, not finding anything that could rival it, until now.  Don't get me wrong, Bib and Tucker is awesome and, the bottle pictured above was purchased specifically for Mr. P.L. and will be "partooken" of as soon as he and Billy Hill can get together again.  But the Woodford Reserve Double Oaked screams at you on the first virgin swig, and each swig that follows is softer, fuller and flows even better.  This is a dangerous dangerous bourbon and you should stay away from it if you need to be productive in the near future, such as passing the bar, studying for boards, or giving a speech, especially studying for the boards though.  But if all is clear, belly up to the bar and enjoy this and don't stop at one pour cause Billy Hill promises you that this one only gets better and like a LAYS potato chip, you can't have just one.

Billy Hill got his a J's Bottle Shop on Prince Ave for just over $55.  Well worth the price and as you can see, it is already below the top of the label, significantly.  It is good with a bit of spicy food especially, but Billy Hill prefers it on its own, and obviously neat.  So, go get yourself a fifth and let Billy Hill know what you think, or better yet, stop in at Chops & Hops in downtown Watkinsville GA and get the ribeye and a couple pours of their Woodford Reserve Double Oaked (and try the Breckenridge while you are there as well).

Billy Hill is looking forward to trekking down to the ATL here soon to get a snort of some Pappy Van Winkle at what I am sure will be Billy Hill's favorite place very soon.

You guys keep it safe,

Billy Hill here, I like it neat.