Monday, March 14, 2016

Bourbon Review - 2016 Release Dates

Not a lot to say in this post but too much for a tweet.  This is a great website for planning your bourbon budget for the year, getting your name in on the lists at you local stores and maybe even for making plans to visit a distillery.

Just a side note that may help you out.  As in most aspects of life, sometimes you have to work the crowd to get what you want.  And that certainly comes in to play with getting  some quality bourbon.  Most liquor stores will include a list that you can put your name on along with what you are wanting to get.  But, for scarce products, which is a list that is growing, you may need to schmoozing up to the manager or owner of your local distributors.  A few suggestions you may want to consider:

(1) Don't spread the wealth.  If you have a distributor that is on top of his game and can get the products that are in high demand, make that your store and spend all you money there.  They will give preferred treatment to those that spend the most.

(2) Frequently visit your local distributor.  Make an effort to be in the store at least once a week.  Even if you have to purchase soft drinks at a higher price.

(3) Get to know your distributor.  Find out who is in charge, the manager, the owner, etc., learn their name and try to learn their schedule so that you get the most bang for your buck when you frequent the store.  Make sure you call them out by name and if they do not do the same, make sure you remind them of your name.  You want that person to become to see you as not only a great customer but also a great friend.

(4) If you can, get some party business to the distributor.  A few years back I made a substantial purchase for a holiday party.  The owner/manager of the store remembers that still today, I got a ton of good will for it and I have a bottle of Old Rip Van Winkle sitting on my bar as evidence thereof.

So, check out this website and enjoy my bourbon brother.

Billy Hill here, I like it neat