Monday, March 14, 2016

Billy Hill Badassery Award 2 - Steve Hellums

Steve Hellums is a long-time friend of Billy Hill, heck all the way back to third grade.  Billy Hill has always been a fan of Steve Hellums and appreciated his absolute, unconditioned friendship.  Well recently, Steve has entered into the Billy Hill Badassery Hall of Fame as depicted in the picture below.  Some may say, yes, big deal, the guy killed a bear.  But on closer look, you will see that Steve is holding a bow, cause the fact is, he killed a bear WITH AN ARROW.  Now, I am talking a piece of wood about as thick as a pencil but a little bit longer.  And while many have killed many with a pencil, it generally does not happen face to face with no where to run but to the location of your death if you happen to miss.

Well, Billy Hill wanted to get permission from his friend prior to posting this award announcement.  When asked, Steve graciously said "Sure man, but it doesn't take a badass to kill a bear".  Well, Billy Hill says that only a badass would say such a crazy thing.

Billy Hill here, I like it neat.