Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Is it time to play the Trump card?

The DNC obviously hates him, the RNC ridicules him, bashes him, calls him names, the media mocks him, they call him a liar, immoral, greedy and power hungry, and in a mixed crowd, not often will you see someone step up and say "yes, he is my man" - - - - yet, a whole hell of a lot of SOMEONES are voting for the man.  So, what gives?

Not to raise that "conspiracy theory" banner because that is too easy for the "politically correct" crowd to circle the holy ones and hurl their rocks of self indignation and shame upon you.  But what the hell, if you don't think that every political group (including the DNC and RNC) that has been sucking off of the taxpayer teats since the Gipper vacated Casa Blanca is frantically meeting, plotting, pooling and conspiring to bring this man down, then tell me where you bought that shit your smoking cause it has to be some good shit.

But here is the deal, and yes, Billy Hill is going to make a statement, you may love it or you may hate it but he does not really care.  Billy Hill is fed up with the politically correct world that has made men act like women and has made women smell like men, that has made it fine to mock Christians and rednecks but you say anything about any other color or religion and you are flogged, cast out and castrated.  But Billy Hill digresses . . . .

There is no way in the world that Barry would have made it into a second term if the lower middle class and poor people of this country had not already been enslaved to the big government of SNAP and Obama phones.  It has been a systematic program of importing, opening the borders, welcoming the refugees and raising the dead to create a voting force that could actually vote Barry into Office for a second term.  Because on the merits, there is no reason why he should have been voted in again based on his own track record.

So, this voting force has only become more powerful over the last 4 years and they are being geared up to usher in the next Clinton wave and Billy Hill's thoughts are that there is not a single person on the republican debate platforms that could actually defeat Clinton in a "fair" election.  Billy Hill uses the term "fair" loosely because after the whole "hanging chad" deception to justify hoodwinking the American public into embracing an "electronic voting system that has no chads", as well as no way to actually verify that a zero actually got flipped to a one ....  but that is besides the point . . .

No one on the republican platform can defeat Clinton except for one guy, a guy, who in the face of the bashing, the shaming, the playing of that whole "you can't like him it is not politically correct" card that is being energetically shoved out by the DNC the RNC and the liberal media and some of the conservative media as well as a slew of churches and pastors and former people that tried to run for president but lost multiple times including in their very own state, IN THE FACE of ALL THAT, he is STILL winning in the poles!!!!

Who is it that is voting for this moron, this immoral egotistical short fingered buffoon that constantly lies and would be a huge embarrassment to our country and he is degrading to women?   Remember Michelle Obama saying that for the first time in her life she was proud of this country - because her husband was elected.  You remember the tour of apologies by Barry? You remember the snarling Clinton got from "that woman"?  Remember how Billy threw young Monica under the bus and destroyed her life rather than manning up and saying "yes, I did it" (degrading of women?)?  Remember all the times the teleprompter went down and Barry stumbled around like Biff?  Remember that were still going to keep our health insurance?  You really want to call names?  Really?  And then the Christians are quick to throw this man under the bus as well because he does not say second Corinthians, and may appear to be more of a "guy that goes to church" rather than a hardcore evangelical.  But again, are we electing a pope or a guy that can run the country.  And again, no one seemed that worried about Barry's lack of evangelical dogma.  Is it not better that the elected official have little to no religious influence over the country, seems like a good idea.  And as for moral character, seems like a guy that has it all laid out on the table is much better than a guy that we know nothing about maybe?

Is he perfectly polished, no.  Is he thin skinned. probably.  Does he have an ego - duh.  Does he have skeletons in the closet - nope they are pretty much all out there, birth certificate, college grades and all.  Is he a moron, don't count on it, look what he has done in the face of such opposition.  Could he totally destroy this country?  Well, as hard as Barry tried, and believe me he has and is still trying, he couldn't do it.  But could he actually endear the hearts of this nation, could he rally the people around him to make great things happen in this country, could he restore pride in a country that now holds its head in shame in the international market?  I think that if he does the right thing, if he makes the right decisions, if he truly focuses on loving America, he could be as loved as Ronald Reagan.  Or, he could try to screw everyone over and use us all to build bigger and better hotels, resorts and reality TV shows.  What do you think his true motives are?

And most of all, CAN HE WIN?  If he wins sufficient delegates is the RNC going to circle the wagons and broker the convention?  Maybe what he ought to do, which would be the classic Trump move, is to start his very own party.  The Trump Party.

Look, the game is almost over, the cards are stacked against us, do you think it may be time to throw that Trump card?  A heck of a lot of people are saying yes, can you ignore that?  Who are you, cause I don't see Trump signs in your yards, bumper stickers on your cars, or hats on your heads.  But, it does give one pause for thoughts.  And I could think of no better way to start a Trump presidency then having him turn to Barry on the inauguration platform, point his finger in his face and say "Barry, your fired!".